Facility Maintenance

Facility Maintenance

Proper maintenance requires developing the basic maintenance plan (“BMP”) to properly maintain the equipment. The BMP helps lead the service technician in developing the required maintenance tasks by ensuring that the development is done consistently for all equipment. Each BMP will include one or more maintenance tasks designed to ensure the continued operation and maintenance of an equipment item, process or system.

Each of these tasks has the following characteristics:

  • Review of the manufacturer’s recommend actions
  • A descriptive title for each maintenance task to be performed
  • A frequency assigned for performing of each task
  • Assignment of a specific craft or workgroup and the number of staff required to perform the task
  • Equipment condition required for performance of the task (i.e. running or shut down)
  • Estimated time to perform the task
  • Special tools, materials and equipment required to perform the task

In order to provide a safe environment for range personnel and to promote the maintenance of equipment, we have also developed a Preventative Maintenance (“PM”) program. Routine inspections promote safety throughout the facility and aid in keeping equipment in good working order and operating in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines. Regular inspection, testing, and replacement or repair of equipment and operational systems contribute to preservation of the facility’s assets.

PM provides for systematic inspection, detection, and correction of incipient failures either before they occur or before they develop into major defects. Maintenance includes tests, measurements, adjustments, and parts replacements that are performed specifically to prevent faults from occurring.


Precision conducts an annual inventory of all equipment, and documents such inventory documented along with a planned preventive maintenance, repair anticipation and long-range replacement plan. Based on the inventory, Precision designs calendar is to guides the PM staff in completing timely servicing and maintenance of all equipment.

PM is completed in accordance with the defined procedure. When manufacturer’s guidelines are available, PM is completed in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Record Keeping

The file includes a fixture/equipment-specific log to document maintenance completion. If problems are identified, the corrective action taken is recorded.

In the event that maintenance cannot be completed, the reason is noted along with the action plan for completion.


Precision designs a schedule to describe all inspections that are to be completed on a regular basis. Inspections verify that all equipment and furnishings are in working order, esthetically pleasant, clean and free from safety hazards.

Work Orders and Service Requests

Precision designs a system for work orders is established among all staff, and PM employees that provides rapid communication regarding equipment problems.

The work order system includes documentation of:

  • The problem
  • Date the problem was identified
  • Who was notified
  • Correction action (servicing, repair or replacement)
  • Completion date
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